Buying a home is the single largest transaction that most people undertake.

We can make things easier!

Agent experience should weigh in heavily on your choice in buyer representation. A Realtor's education is quite centered on rules, regulations and terminology, but it does not address the practical aspects of putting a deal together and successfully managing it through to closing. If you're looking to buy a home in Georgina, there are a few matters you will need to address:

Buying a Home in 9 Steps

The buying process can be broken down into 9 Steps. If this is your first time buying a home, you may want to check out our First Time Homebuyer Advice instead. 

Working For You!

You've seen the billboards, you've seen our ads, but do you know what "Working For You!" means? Our long-term relationship with home buyers has resulted in a mature understanding of the needs and expectations of our clients. We see every sale of a home as a new situation, with new people, new points of view and new hurdles to overcome. We are committed to providing you great service from start to finish. 

Lets start with your home search criteria. What type of home are you looking for?